by @pikaole

🐟 i'm harris! a wannabe biologist, home cook, and writer. i also draw when i have the energythey/he/none, white 🌱 21 🌱 06/06🐠 my timezone is CST!🐛 i keep isopods and i hope to branch out into other crustaceans/tailless whip scorpions at some point!🐡 the little eels on here are by @pikaole!


- food!
- katamari, slime rancher, pokemon, stardew valley, ace attorney, animal crossing, splatoon, yakuza (game series), finfin, ffxiv, dragon quest monsters
- transparent pngs and gifs
- dollhouses and miniatures (my expensive dream...)
- aquariums, aquatic life
- bugs
- plushies
- fantasy and horror
- ps2 era video game landscapes
- cool websites
- malls and window shopping
- writing, roleplaying, art, sculpting, gardening
- developing and analyzing characters! it's one of my biggest passions (talk to me about your ocs!)
- lists


you can find my comms here!

by @pikaole


my handles are wolphdire and eelgardens!
small eyestrain warning for my neocities site! (it just has contrasting/semi-bright colors)